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5 Problematic Addictive Behaviors

When you suffer from addiction, you tend to develop many problematic behaviors that can harm yourself as well as the people you love. In many cases, addiction directly interferes with the parts of the brain that manage areas like impulse control and rewires your brain to seek the drug no matter what it takes. From […]


A Complete Overview of Opioid Detox

Opioid is a broad term used to classify pain-relieving drugs that interact with your opioid receptors. These drugs have a similar effect as morphine, offering feelings of relaxation and pain relief. While some opioids are prescribed for legitimate reasons, opioids are also highly addictive, making people more at risk of abusing them. In 2017, the US […]

What Are the 10 Guiding Principles of Recovery?

While addiction used to be widely stigmatized and seen as a personal failing, we have a greater understanding of addiction today. Not only do we appreciate that the roots of addiction often lay in trauma and illness, but we know how someone can recover. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration describes the […]

What Does It Mean to Self-Medicate, and How Can It Lead to Addiction?

There’s a common phrase that just about everyone has heard about addiction or mental health issues. It goes, “admitting you have a problem is the first step.” And this phrase is absolutely true. Many people don’t realize they have a problem and, as a result, don’t seek help. Instead, they might turn to self-medication as […]


How Do I Choose a Rehabilitation Facility?

Addiction is one of the greatest challenges that a person can face in the course of their life. When someone becomes addicted to a drug, it can start to seem like the only important thing in the world. Drug addiction has destroyed families, friendships, and lives, so it’s important to choose a good rehabilitation facility […]

What Are the Four Stages of Treatment?

There are many lines of thinking when it comes to the precise number of stages in the treatment and recovery processes. Some institutions consider the stages to be identical for both treatment and recovery, while others distinguish between the two. One evidence-based approach divides treatment into four distinct stages, each with its own guiding principles […]