Alcohol Rehab Southern California

Alcohol Rehab Southern California

Finding the best alcohol rehab in Southern California may seem like a daunting task when you first get started. Not only that, but you may be skeptical of the process and how it works if you are not familiar with it. However, when you need treatment or a family member or loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem, you must do whatever possible to seek professional help.

What are Recovery Programs for Addiction and How Do They Work? 

Alcohol or drug rehab in Orange County is a process for treatment of the abuse of a substance. Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that can come with horrible side effects during the withdrawal phase. Because of this, you need to ensure that you or your loved one is under supervised care during the withdrawal or detoxification period. 

Rehabilitation, also known as rehab, is a process where you go step-by-step to address your addiction. You will have the chance to work with professionals that will offer you the resources, knowledge, and support you require if you can conquer your addiction. From there, you will have a fighting chance to re-enter your daily life so that you can enjoy a healthier, sober lifestyle. 

Types of California Alcohol and Drug Treatment 

There are a couple of main options to choose from when you are seeking treatment, including: 

  • Outpatient Alcohol Rehab – With outpatient rehab, the patients visit the clinic each day for treatment, and then they can return home. This type of situation is ideal for someone who has many obligations at home, work, or school.
  • Inpatient Alcohol Rehab – When you have inpatient alcohol rehab in Southern California, also known as residential rehab, you will stay at the clinic for the period of time you are getting treatment. These programs will usually last anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

There are also several steps that you can expect when entering an addiction recovery center in Southern California. These steps will usually include: 

  • Patient assessment
  • Alcohol and/or drug detoxification
  • Prescribing of medications to assist with the process (If necessary)
  • Treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or psychotherapy
  • Alcohol/drug education
  • Social services to assist with rehabilitation 

Here at California Rehab Campus, we work to help our participants to find ways to deal with emotions and triggers that cause them to drink or use. It is important to dive deeper into some of the causes of substance or alcohol abuse so that change can take place. We work with everyone who comes into our California drug rehab to find a way to tailor treatment to meet their unique situation and needs. If you are looking for support for yourself or a loved one, we are the best first step! 

Getting help is not always easy, but we are here to make a difference at California Rehab Campus. When you want to learn more about our alcohol rehab in Southern California, give us a call at 888-487-1874. We offer a broad selection of program options, including dual diagnosis treatment and whole-person drug or alcohol addiction care. Verify your insurance today!

Alcohol Rehab Southern California
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