Residential Drug Rehab California

Residential Drug Rehab California

Drug addiction can control every phase of your life. But if you want to take over total control of your life, you need to choose a drug rehab program that best suits you. There are different drug addiction treatment programs to choose from, but outpatient and residential treatment are the two main options. For people in the later stages of drug addiction, residential rehab is often the best choice. However, residential rehab has both weaknesses and strengths, so you need to consider all of them as you contemplate your next move.

Pros Of Residential Rehab


Residential rehab is beneficial to someone whose substance use has escalated to the point of endangering their life. Residential treatment provides 24/7 supervision and round-the-clock medical care for the addict.

Group support

Undergoing rehabilitation alone is challenging. Residential rehab offers the benefit of peers, socialization, and support. With ongoing group support meetings and therapy sessions with peers, your goals to achieve long-term sobriety are quickly reached.  

Medically supervised detoxification

It's dangerous to withdrawal from an addicted substance alone. Residential treatment provides medically supervised withdrawal from these substances.

Stability and routines

It's important to find stability and create routines before breaking old habits and building new ones. Residential rehab centers know this and work to help you establish stability quickly. 

Fewer triggers

Managing your trigger is an integral part of your recovery process. Recovering from substance abuse in a place that triggers the memories of using drugs or alcohol is not advisable. Residential facility staff can help you create new and inventive ways to overcome these feelings.

Cons Of Residential Rehab


Residential treatment programs are more expensive than outpatient treatment programs. You will have to pay for your treatment program and the costs of living in the facility. 

Missing work 

Residential treatment programs are not only expensive, but you will also miss work because they cut off your access to outside lives. This means no going to work, which could affect job security, and income.

Difficulty transitioning

There are no parties in a residential facility, there are no triggers, and nobody drinks alcohol. Movies depicting alcohol and drug are off-limits, and patients don't see old friends or visit old haunts where they might tempt them to relapse.

Making The Right Choice

As you can see, residential rehab has many benefits. Choosing a residential treatment option means getting all the treatments you need rather than needing multiple services in the future. Residential treatment programs can be costly because of the level of care provided. Don't let that prevent you from seeking the best treatment.

Get The Help You Need

Substance abuse is a disorder that must be handled with care. You don't need to rush into recovery if you're not aware of its perks and defaults. 

California rehab campus is one of the best alcohol and drug rehabs in Orange County. We offer the best residential treatment program. To get started, please contact our California alcohol and drug rehab treatment center to speak with a treatment consultant.

Residential Drug Rehab California
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Residential Drug Rehab California
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