California Alcohol Treatment

California Alcohol Treatment Check out California alcohol treatment programs at California Rehab Campus when you're searching for customized programs to prevent relapse during recovery. Spend 30, 60, or 90 days in our upscale residential treatment center and turn your life around starting on day one. Take a virtual tour on our website or call our staff to learn more.

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    At California Rehab Campuses we are equipped with the best doctors and medical staff to help customize your rehab experience and get you back to living a happy and healthy life.


    Our facilities offer upscale amenities and services to complement your science-based treatment. California Rehab Campus offers therapies including: recreation therapies, nutritional therapies, fitness centers and meditation.


    California Rehab Campus is capable of same day placement. Treatments are readily accessible — which can help prevent the disease from progressing and reduce the risk for serious adverse events like drug overdose.

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