Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is essential for those in recovery from addiction who also have a mental illness. Dual diagnosis treatment at a drug rehab facility helps reduce the risk of relapse and teaches patients how to handle symptoms of mental illness without turning to drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one needs help fighting both a substance use disorder and mental illness, California Rehab Campus offers safe, evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment that can help you achieve a healthier and happier drug-free lifestyle.

What Is Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders?

A person with dual diagnosis has both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Also known as co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis is common among those who seek treatment at detox centers and drug rehab centers. This is because mental health disorders can often trigger substance abuse and vice versa.

Some people with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses will self-medicate their symptoms using drugs and alcohol in an effort to find relief. However, drugs and alcohol are only temporary solutions for mental illness and can actually worsen symptoms. Over time, individuals with mental illness who abuse drugs and alcohol for euphoric effects can eventually become addicted to these substances.

On the other hand, chronic use of drugs and alcohol can often change brain function and cause chemical imbalances that eventually lead to mental illness. People without a history of mental illness can develop depression, schizophrenia, and/or other mental illnesses due to the way drugs and alcohol affect their brains. In many cases, these individuals require long-term therapy to reverse and repair brain damage induced by addiction.

How Prevalent Is Dual Diagnosis?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that about half of people who experience a mental illness will experience a substance use disorder at some point in their lives as well, while the reverse is also true. Therefore, drug rehab centers need to offer dual diagnosis treatment as one of their services. In fact, many inpatient residential rehab centers include dual diagnosis therapy in their treatment programs to teach patients how to manage their mental illnesses without drugs and alcohol before resuming their lives outside of drug rehab. Do you think your addiction may have started from a mental illness? California Rehab Campus is here to help.

How Is Dual Diagnosis Treated at Drug Rehab?

Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders can be safely and effectively treated using a combination of medications and evidence-based behavioral therapies. Dual diagnosis treatment plans at California Rehab Campus are tailored to each patient based on factors such as age and the type of substances they were using. Some evidence-based interventions we use to treat dual diagnosis include:

Contingency management, which rewards patients with vouchers and other incentives when they demonstrate and practice healthy behaviors.

Therapeutic communities, which are a form of long-term inpatient residential rehab treatment that helps resocialize patients who were dependent on drugs and alcohol.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps patients change harmful beliefs and behaviors related to substance abuse.

Dialectical behavioral therapy, which focuses on reducing self-harm behaviors such as cutting and suicide attempts.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy at California Rehab Campus

California Rehab Campus prides itself on offering the latest science-backed treatments proven to help patients recover effectively and safely from substance use disorders and mental illness. Our quality treatments are complemented by high-end amenities and services such as nutrition therapy, mindfulness meditation, and fitness centers that can greatly enhance the recovery experience. If you have a dual diagnosis, our goal is to help you achieve a healthier sober lifestyle and attain the skills you need to effectively manage symptoms of your mental health disorder without the need for drugs and alcohol.

California Rehab Campus focus is to get you back to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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