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California Rehab Campus uses modern, evidence-based treatments, providing care from the perspective that addiction is a physical and mental illness, not a moral failing. Substance use disorders are complex, chronic health issues that must be addressed in a positive, supportive, and comprehensive treatment plan incorporating science-based care, behavioral therapy, and other customized care. Our California rehab center offers dual diagnosis, co-occurring addiction treatment, inpatient detox, and residential treatment plans, with individualized care tailored to each individual’s needs.

Below are a few ways to get ready for rehab treatment in California as you prepare to take the first few steps toward a healthier sober future.

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Educate Yourself

When getting ready to go to an inpatient program in California, one of the best ways to get ready is to learn all you can about drug addiction and rehab. The more you understand the process beforehand, the better equipped you will be to start the recovery process.

Every person is unique in the reasons behind substance use, and the sooner one begins to contemplate the deeper underlying issues and causes and learns about the physical aspects of addiction, the easier it will be to heal and move forward. Understanding the treatment process will also help calm your nerves and make you feel more confident and prepared for what lies ahead.

Make Arrangements

Many things must be taken care of before you go off to your luxury California rehab program, including arranging for child, family, or pet care, paying bills in advance, making sure you can take time off work, and more. You may wish to ask a trusted friend to water your plants or house-sit for you while you are away and ensure there are no other loose ends that need to be tied up.

The more you plan and take care of things ahead of time, the less stress you will carry forward with you into your rehab program, making you better able to focus on your own healing. 

Pack Wisely

Packing for rehab is pretty simple. Just bring the essentials. Some important things to bring include (unopened) prescription medications, government-issued identification, insurance information, comfortable and appropriate clothing, credit or debit card, and essential grooming items like your toothbrush. You may also wish to bring along a journal, some reading material, and a few photos of loved ones, as most treatment centers do not allow cell phones. A comfort item like a stuffed animal or your favorite pillow may also be nice to have as a reminder of home.

Some items that will not be permitted in rehab include drugs and alcohol of any kind, weapons, cameras, clothing that depicts drug use or violence, candles or incense, and toiletries that contain alcohol like perfume or mouthwash. 

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Communicate with Loved Ones

Letting your loved ones know where you are going is usually a good idea. This will ensure they are not worried about where you are and can start building up the home support system you will need once you leave rehab. They will offer support and encouragement and help remind you why you seek help.

Plan Your Finances

It might be challenging to think about the future when you are dealing with addiction. It can feel overwhelming, but it is essential to consider what types of things you will appreciate when you return home after rehab. You do not want to come home to unpaid bills or even worse, an eviction notice because you have forgotten to set up automatic rent payments while you were away.

Planning finances also includes figuring out how you will pay for your time at rehab. There are different avenues you can take to help alleviate your financial burden, especially if you don’t have savings to pay for it all upfront. The good news is that health insurance will pay for at least some of your addiction treatment and mental health care. You may also be able to secure a loan from a private lender or a trusted family member. Some people even use crowdfunding to help pay for their treatment.

Set Up Support Systems

Talking to your friends, family, and acquaintances about your treatment can help set you up for success. Get your loved ones on board with the new, sober you, and they will become your allies and support system when you leave rehab. You may wish to ask them if they want to participate in family therapy with you, or you can ask them to respect your boundaries after you return home as you find your new path in recovery.

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Prepare Mentally and Emotionally

Getting ready to spend time in rehab can feel scary or stressful, especially if you have never been there. Remember that by going to rehab, you are doing something beneficial, not only for your own health and well-being but also for your future. Substance use disorder treatment can also make the lives of those around you happier because addiction affects everybody around you.

Rather than being worried, try to be excited. This is a turning point in your life, and you are working toward reaching new life goals and becoming the person you want to be. It can be an emotional journey, but if you are willing to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your treatment, try new things, and make the lasting changes necessary, you will have a very good chance at maintaining long-term sobriety.

Address Medical Concerns

Making sure you have all of your prescriptions up to date and filled is a part of getting ready to go to rehab, and you may also wish to discuss your sobriety plans with your healthcare provider before beginning rehab to make sure you have all of the information you need regarding your health.

If you have ongoing medical concerns or conditions, speaking with the rehab center and letting them know about your medical history is also a good idea.

Tie Up Loose Ends

If you have any personal issues or legal matters that are weighing on you, it is always a good idea to address them before going to rehab. Let the courts know you will be in rehab, resolve any fights or conflicts that are bothering you, and take that weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on healing while you are away.

Practice Self-Care

Take a deep breath, and try to relax. You deserve to feel good. Treat your body right. Try meditation, light exercise, and eating healthy in the days leading up to rehab.

Another form of self-care is avoiding “one last binge” of any substances. The longer it has been since your final use, the easier your detox program will be, and the sooner you will get through it.

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Take the First Step and Call Us for California Rehab

The first step in receiving life-changing addiction treatment is calling us at California Rehab Campus at 949-867-4937 or contacting our team online. We offer customized programs with care from the best doctors and medical staff available. Our amenities are upscale and comfortable, and all treatments are science-based and integrated with therapies like behavioral healthcare, recreation therapies, nutritional therapies, meditation, and fitness.

We accept most forms of insurance and have same-day placements available. If you want to verify your insurance coverage or speak to an expert about substance use disorder treatment, please call us today. We are here to help you achieve a successful recovery.

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