California Rehab Campus Recognized as a Top Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility

inpatient drug addiction treatment california

Dana Point, California — California Rehab Campus has earned another top review for its drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Dana Point.

In a 5-star Google review, Shana wrote that it’s the best inpatient addiction treatment facility in Southern California.

“They are amazing and helped my family!” Shana wrote in her review. “The staff truly care about helping people struggle with addiction!”

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

The treatment offered at California Rehab Campus (949-867-4937) has frequently earned top praise from patients and loved ones who have experienced firsthand what the experts who work at this facility can do to help people get back on track to a better, brighter future.

The people who turn to California Rehab Campus for help know they can expect science-based addiction treatment customized to individual needs, pasts, and future goals, meaning the combination of treatment modalities and therapies are proven to be effective.

Beyond the usual treatment types that would be expected at a rehab facility, the center offers unique services and interventions, such as recreation therapies, nutritional therapies, fitness centers, and meditation.

But the facility also stands out among California drug and alcohol addiction rehabs because of its upscale amenities and home-like environment where people can focus on their recovery in a safe, comfortable setting.

california inpatient drug addiction treatment

Another differentiator for California Rehab Campus is its ability to accept same-day placement with treatment readily accessible — which means patients can get help right away and start on their path to recovery as soon as possible.

Many insurance plans are accepted, which further makes the life-saving and life-changing treatment here more accessible in California.

California Rehab Campus offers several different treatment programs, including medical drug detox, 30-, 60-, and 90-day residential treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. Here, patients aren’t just treated for drug or alcohol addiction — they can get help at the same time with co-occurring mental health disorders.

The experts at California Rehab Campus approach addiction as a mental and physical illness, not a moral failing, and offer effective, holistic treatment at a top drug and alcohol rehab center. Treatment programs are individualized, another factor in improving outcomes for the people who turn to this facility for help with overcoming addiction.

California Rehab Campus is in the network of Alter Health Group™ mental health treatment facilities across Southern California that includes Alter Behavioral Health, which operates inpatient mental health centers in Irvine and Mission Viejo, as well as the outpatient Alter Wellness Care facility in Laguna Beach and Alter Mental Health’s mental health crisis stabilization unit in San Diego.

In addition, Alter Health Group™ operates the free virtual emotional support platform BeWellLine, which recently reached the milestone of 100,000 care encounters to help Californians, as well as the online mental health therapy platform Mindfuli.

Learn more about California Rehab Campus and its top-rated drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs by calling 949-867-4937 or visiting

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