Patient Says His Time Getting Help at California Rehab Campus was “Life-Changing”

life changing experience

Dana Point, California — A patient is praising their experience while getting help with overcoming addiction at California Rehab Campus in Dana Point.

In a recent five-star Google review, Terry wrote that they had a “life-changing stay” at California Rehab Campus, a top drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in California that’s operated by Alter Health Group.

“I remain sober thanks to the experience I had there,” they wrote.

In their review, Terry continued that a staff member named Jack “followed me through the entire process,” but they also credited the entire “amazing” staff that they said cared about their needs.

“From the beginning it was so educational, yet fun,” Terry wrote. “The house is beautiful, clean, and the nurses were the best.”

california rehab campus was life changing

In their review, Terry said they’d “highly recommend” California Rehab Campus after their experience here.

California Rehab Campus has emerged as a top addiction treatment center for Dana Point residents as well as people from across the region and all of the state who seek help with getting sober and getting back on track toward a better life. In addition to inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, CRC offers medical drug detox, 30-, 60-, and 90-day treatment programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and referrals to recovery housing or sober living homes after treatment.

While it’s a top facility for addiction help, Alter Health Group is primarily known for its work in mental health and behavioral health at its network of facilities across California. Under its Alter Behavioral Health banner, two facilities — one in Irvine, and the other in Mission Viejo — offer inpatient residential mental health treatment for a wide range of disorders and conditions at luxurious, comfortable, safe residences. Alter Wellness Care, located in Laguna Beach, provides outpatient mental health treatment, offering flexibility with getting help while also still being able to go about day-to-day life. Alter Mental Health is a unique San Diego mental health facility, serving as a short-term place to stay and stabilize for those suffering from a mental health crisis before they go on to other facilities to continue treatment.

Alter Health Group is also a top choice in the virtual mental health field, operating Mindfuli, which offers virtual therapy for mental health treatment to people in California, as well as the government grant-funded BeWellLine, a free emotional-support line for California teens and young adults.

Learn more about the addiction treatment approach and evidence-based interventions offered at California Rehab Campus in Dana Point by visiting the facility’s website or calling 949-867-4937.

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