How to Find the Best Rehab in California

best rehab in california

California Rehab Campus Can Help

California Rehab Campus is the best rehab in California for those who are looking for a personalized experience. Our team works hard to ensure that your care is customized to your unique needs as an individual, not only in the types of medications and therapies that are provided to you but also in your personal preferences, in meeting your own recovery goals, and in helping improve your overall wellness and life skills.

Your addiction treatment plan will include safe, effective detoxification protocols that are medically supervised and designed to keep you comfortable, while your inpatient residential rehabilitation plan will include various treatments designed to assist you in all facets of long-term recovery from drug addiction in California.

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Evaluating Your Treatment Needs

A California addiction treatment center should always thoroughly analyze your needs as a new patient. Every person is unique and will require a customized treatment plan. You will likely have a physical examination done by a doctor who will ask you questions about your health, family history, and substance use.

During your treatment for addiction in California, you will also have a psychiatric evaluation to see your mental health and whether you will require additional therapies, medications, or treatments for a co-occurring mental illness like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Be honest with these evaluators; the information they gain from these evaluations will help them decide what types of care will work best for you.

The Benefits of Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

Specialized addiction treatments don’t waste your time with the care you don’t need. You can focus on the education, therapy, group work, and self-reflection necessary to overcome your substance use disorder without other treatments getting in the way. Specialized programs may also involve dual diagnosis programs that take care of multiple issues simultaneously, giving you a better quality of life as your physical and mental health improve.

Facility Amenities to Look for When Researching California Rehabs

When looking for the absolute best rehab in California, there are some amenities that you should look out for. These are:

  • Accreditation and licensing: Many wellness centers and spas are posing as safe places to rehabilitate when in reality they are not qualified to provide medical care, therapy, and other treatments to patients. Finding an accredited rehab with licensed/certified health providers will ensure you get evidence-based therapy, real medical support, and proper treatments that will help you.
  •  A safe and supportive environment where you can relax, let your guard down and receive treatment. There should be rules in place regarding phones/cameras, and a trauma-informed methodology should be applied to all care to ensure you feel listened to, cared for, and safe.
  • Individualized treatment plans that are customized to your specific needs. A one-size-fits-all solution will not work in rehab because every person is an individual. Not only will a person who had been using cocaine for a short time have different needs than a long-term alcohol user or somebody with a heroin use disorder, but they will also have unique reasons behind their substance use disorder as well. Through a multifaceted and tailored treatment plan, the underlying emotional root of addiction will be treated, as well as your symptoms.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment and other mental health care, because you are more than just a person with an addiction, and substance use can affect every aspect of your health and well-being. There are often co-occurring mental health disorders associated with addiction, so treating all issues simultaneously will get you on the right path to healing while helping you regain control over your life and health.
  • Aftercare support, as recovery is a lifelong process that does not end the minute you leave rehab. Rehab cannot cure addiction, but you can learn to manage it and live well. Aftercare support will give you the support you need to keep you on the right track in your sobriety.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab in California?

Your health insurance plan will cover at least a portion of your addiction treatment program. Each insurance policy is unique in what it will and will not cover. For example, some may only pay for specific types of medications, while others may only cover a certain number of days spent in inpatient care. You may want to call your insurance provider once you have decided to get treatment and discuss the exact details of your plan with them, or you can also contact the rehab center of your choice and they might be able to help you decipher your coverage and fill you in on the process.

addiction rehab in california

Why Aftercare and Support Matters

Aftercare and support like alumni programs, sober living homes, sober peer group meetings, support groups, outpatient rehab treatment, ongoing connections to therapists and doctors, and other recovery resources will give you the extra support you need as you transition back into your normal life.

Sobriety is easier when you are inside a complete drug- and alcohol-free rehab center, but things can get muddy when you return home, and start seeing old friends, attending events like birthday parties, returning to work, etc. Thousands of things can trigger a relapse, so the more support you can access on your own terms while in early recovery (and later on, sometimes), the better off you will be.

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

5 Tips for Seeking Professional Help from the Best Rehab in California

When looking for professional addiction treatment, you can:

  1. Speak with your primary physician about your concerns and get a referral.
  2. Call a helpline to find out what your local options are.
  3. Decide whether you want to go to rehab locally to be near family support or if you want to get out of town for a while for a more private experience.
  4. Look up rehab centers in the area where you would like to get treatment and read about their services online (but watch out for tricky ads or places selling a guaranteed recovery).
  5. Think about what your goals are and find treatment centers that will address these goals.

Call Us Today and Get Help from the Best Rehab in California

At the California Rehab Campus in the Alter family of rehabilitation centers, you will receive a multifaceted, customized treatment plan that incorporates different types of treatment like:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Contingency management interventions
  • 12-step facilitation therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Dual diagnosis therapy

In this way, we help you build a supportive community around yourself, improve relationships with loved ones, address co-occurring mental health issues, gain a new way of thinking and behaving, get motivated, and continue on a positive trajectory long after rehab.

We are the best rehab in California because we care about your long-term wellness and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible treatment plan for your unique substance use disorder.

Please call us today to learn more about how insurance can help you pay for treatment or to learn more about the science-based programming we offer. Our phone number is 949-867-4937. We can help you as soon as you take the first step.

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