Exploring the Stages of Alcohol Rehab in California

alcohol rehab in california

There’s a Top Choice to Get Help in The Golden State

Alcohol use disorder impacts the lives of approximately 29.5 million Americans daily, and 8.5% of California residents live with active alcohol addiction. If your alcohol use has become a predominant concern in your life and you’re ready to seek help within an alcohol addiction treatment center, choose California Rehab Campus for the top-rated alcohol addiction treatment programs in California available. Patients within our recovery center are offered customized treatment programs that are designed with your needs and goals for addiction treatment at the forefront of your treatment plan. 

Every customized treatment plan includes a variety of evidence-based therapy methods that support patients in exploring the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors, offering healing methods to treat the root emotions or traumas associated with their addiction and support them in establishing a new lifestyle that fosters long-term addiction recovery. At California Rehab Campus, our goal is to empower patients to believe in their ability to maintain a life in sobriety and educate them with the necessary tools to overcome any triggers in the future so they can continue to flourish in a life of sober living. 

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab in California allows patients to undergo addiction treatment within our residential recovery center for alcohol addiction in California. While living in our safe, supportive environment, you’ll be free of any outside distractions or temptations allowing you to focus entirely on your recovery process. Each day you’ll be supported by our team of addiction counselors, medical professionals, psychiatrists, and support staff that will be alongside you every step of the way as you undergo your personalized treatment program. 

Patients in alcohol rehab in California will be offered a structured daily schedule that consists of individual and group therapy sessions, physical exercise, holistic healing methods, and social opportunities around the recovery center. Patients will be invited to participate in evidence-based therapy sessions that help patients explore how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are linked to their addictive behaviors and support them in gaining the tools for shifting their thoughts and feelings to foster sobriety. 

Alcohol use disorder is a chronic, relapsing condition. To ensure your success in addiction recovery, we believe it’s crucial to develop a relapse prevention plan that will help you identify your triggers and develop the coping strategies and skills to deal with difficult emotions or situations without returning to alcohol as a means of coping. We’ll help you identify a support system to reach out to, learn tools for emotional regulation, and establish community support such as recovery groups to attend that will ensure you maintain long-lasting sobriety. 

Who Should Consider Getting Help From an Alcohol Rehab?

If you’re wondering if you or a loved one require the help of an alcohol rehab program, sure signs can indicate your alcohol use disorder requires the structured support of an alcohol rehab program.

  • Your health has become impacted by alcohol use.
  • Your relationships have become negatively impacted due to alcohol use.
  • You have had thoughts of quitting or expressed a desire to quit drinking but experienced failed attempts at doing so.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t engaging in alcohol use.
  • Having intense urges or cravings for alcohol.

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

4 Stages of Alcohol Rehab in California

If you’re wondering if alcohol rehab is the best option for you, speak with one of our admission staff who will help you determine the best course of action for addiction treatment that will be meaningful and effective for you. Here are the four stages of alcohol rehab in California:

1. Detox

Detox is often the first step in a person’s recovery journey. Patients will end their use of alcohol and begin the process of cleansing their bodies of the harmful toxins from alcohol. During this process, your body can experience withdrawal symptoms that can range in levels of severity depending on your unique history of alcohol use. As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be offered medical treatments and evidence-based therapy methods that help to minimize the severity of your symptoms while ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your detox process. As your withdrawal symptoms subside and you begin to gain your health and strength back, you’ll be ready to transition into the next phase of your treatment program in alcohol rehab. 

2. Therapy

Therapy is a crucial portion of your recovery process. Evidence-based therapy methods used in addiction treatment are designed to help you better understand how your addictive behaviors began and learn how to identify those harmful patterns and appropriately overcome them through coping strategies. Patients will be invited to participate in therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, and holistic therapies that help you understand how your body, mind, and spirit have been impacted by addiction and how to maintain a balanced body, mind, and spirit in recovery. 

3. Counseling

To gain long-term success in addiction recovery, you must have the opportunity to heal from the underlying emotions and traumas that have influenced your addictive behaviors. Patients are invited to participate in counseling sessions with our licensed counselors to help them heal from past emotional wounds and develop the courage and strength they need to embark on this new journey in addiction recovery. 

4. Aftercare

Recovery is a long-term commitment and requires continuous support and planning to maintain. An aftercare program is essential for your success. Our team will work with you to create an aftercare plan that helps you plan for the future. We’ll help you create a relapse prevention plan, find recovery support groups such as 12-step groups, and develop a healthy daily routine that fosters recovery, health, and wellness. 

alcohol rehab center in california

Emotional Aspects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is often rooted in a person’s emotions. Alcohol can be a method of coping with unpleasant emotions of anger, fear, shame, guilt, or sadness. As you continue to use alcohol as a way to cope, the more these unsettling emotions can intensify. This can lead to problems maintaining relationships with others leading to social and familial problems. To maintain sobriety, you must have the opportunity to heal from the past emotions that have contributed to your alcohol patterns and learn how to effectively cope and regulate your emotions in the future through healthy tools. 

Physical Aspects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol can have significant impacts on a person’s physical health. The longer you engage in alcohol consumption, the more your body becomes at risk for developing ailments and organs begin declining in functioning. During a detox and rehab program, you’ll be offered support from our medical team that will restore your body from the effects of alcohol use and work to replenish your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins needed. 

Please call our Dana Point rehab center at 949-867-4937 today to learn more about how our addiction treatment programs can help overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

5 Benefits of Getting Help from an Alcohol Rehab

  1. Access to 24/7 support from our onsite team of addiction therapists. 
  2. Ability to live with others going through similar healing processes of addiction treatment. This often leads to patients developing friendships and support systems with others who share the same goals of maintaining sobriety.
  3. Ongoing medical monitoring by our medical team. During rehab, our team will ensure that you remain safe, stable, and healthy during this transformation process 
  4. Access to leading evidence-based therapy methods. Patients are supported through scientifically based treatment methods that have been proven to be effective in placing addictive patterns in the past. 
  5. Onsite amenities within the recovery center. Patients are encouraged to utilize the premier amenities on site that are designed to improve their physical and psychological well-being as they heal and recover from addiction. 

California Rehab Campus Can Help if You’re Looking for Alcohol Rehab in California

California residents seeking help for addiction trust California Rehab for the high levels of care provided to every patient. Our comprehensive treatment programs are designed to empower you to heal from your past addictive behaviors and develop the confidence and skills to embark on a new life path of sobriety. Our treatment programs include a variety of treatment processes that help you every step of the way in your recovery process — detox, residential alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis treatment, aftercare programs, and sober living programs. You have what it takes to overcome alcohol addiction.

Our team is ready to create an individualized treatment program to help you achieve your addiction treatment and recovery goals. Call us today at 949-867-4937 we can answer any questions you have, discuss the costs of treatment, and help you take the first step towards a new life in recovery now.

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